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Sales training is the most important investment you’ll make.  Our number one goal is to improve your sales process and sales closing rate.  If your sales have fallen off, we can help get your sales conversions back on track.

Benjamin Brown is an author and Sales-Master with over 20 years of sales experience from stock brokerage style cold calling, to car salesman, to gym memberships, to medical devices–Ben can sell anything.  His book, “MASTER THE ART OF CLOSING THE SALE”, and proven sales system, 10 STEP SALES PROCESS” will help you stay on track during the sales process, overcome objections and close faster.

What would you do if money were no object?

In other words, what would you do if you had financial freedom?

Financial freedom would mean you could afford the kind of life you desire for yourself and your family. Right?

If you’re in sales or business owner you have to close more sales and make more money.

360 Sales can help you increase your sales closing, grow your referrals and keep your pipeline loaded.  With Ben’s straightforward sales coaching and 10 Step Sales Process you can improve your closing rate and keep your sales pipeline filled and flowing.

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Do you want help improving your sales?

How many times did you assume you had a sale closed and the prospect bowed out at the last minute?

How many times did you offer a solution to a prospect who didn’t recognize they had the problem that you were trying to solve?

You can avoid these and many other pitfalls by learning the 360 Sales process. 


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When I first sat down with Ben I was looking for some tips that would help me close a few more deals. I had been searching for a sales coach but what I found was more like sales therapist that Blue Cross should have paid for! Ben quickly realized where I was in my sales journey and tailored his approach to my unique individual situation. He not only taught me his 10 step process but instilled the confidence I needed to effectively apply it. After working with Ben I am not only a better salesperson but a better business owner. I look forward to continuing to work with Ben as my sales experience continues to grow and evolve.

CEO & Founder of REVStar Consulting

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