CLOSING THE SALE! The #1 Super Power of successful businesses. Become the hero of your company today!

Every business has a hero, and with Ben’s proven tactics and systems you can become a “SUPER CLOSER”. Ben’s straight-forward training and sales process will help you keep your sales pipeline filled and flowing, while driving revenue with more customers saying YES!

 Learn From Sales Champion,
Benjamin Brown


Every Hero has a mentor or guide. Superman had Pa Kent, Spiderman had Uncle Ben, Batman has Alfred, and now you can have your own.

Author of “Master the Art of Closing The Sale”, Benjamin Brown is a game-changing master of sales, with over 20 years of experience. He has developed a proven sales system that ranges all sectors including printing, construction, membership, non-profits, coaching, consulting, automotive and many more. “Learn more about Benjamin Here”

 Learn From Sales Champion,
Benjamin Brown

Benjamin Brown has helped businesses and entrepreneurs excel in sales and dramatically increase their bottom line for decades. His proprietary sales system is recognized as a “game change” and is in demand by companies of all sizes worldwide. Ben’s extensive sales career, began with health club memberships and his success evolved quickly to directing and consulting sales teams in wide ranging sectors including automotive, tech, software, staffing and transportation. Ben Brown now brings you his proven, reproducible sales system, delivering a clear focus with customized process, actions and real results.

This is your invitation to apply the secrets of his success to your business!

“Being a leadership coach in the PR field, I have clients whose companies sometimes need a boost in their sales areas. Ben Brown has created a unique and original sales system that any company or sales person can use to enhance, evolve and increase the acquisition of new clients to any company. Having a workable process is essential to any successful activity and Ben has created one that works. I have seen it work with my clients’ companies. I recommend him to help yours.”

— Joe Yazbeck

Author of the best seller No Fear Speaking and President/CEO of Prestige Leadership Advisors

It Doesn’t Take Super Human Closing Powers To Master Sales, It Just Takes A Proven, Repeatable Process


360 Sales Consulting gives you control to power through objections, get agreements from your prospects at each stage in the sales process, and follow through to close sales repeatedly.


How many times have you thought you had a sale nailed, only to have a prospect bow out at the last minute? How often have you offered a solution to a client who didn’t  recognize they actually had the problem you’re addressing with that solution?

You can avoid these and many other pitfalls by learning the 360 process. Whether one-on-one, in a group, or learning at your own pace, 360 Sales Consulting ingrains a proven step-by-step sales system that will skyrocket your success and instill super-human confidence in your ability to sell again and again.

Call Today and Begin with a FREE 1-on-1 “Skyrocket Your Sales” Coaching Phone Session to Get to the Heart of Your Individual Needs.

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Lasting roughly an hour, this call comes with some surprising insight on your current unique set of challenges and puts your mind on the right path to being the sales person you always knew you could be. Once Ben assesses your challenges, he helps you decide which direction is best for you.

Our Three Coaching
Programs Stem from Ben’s Powerhouse Book,

“Master the Art of Closing the Sale”


Professional Sales Advisor


Ben Brown will analyze your sales process, team, and sales goals and give you valuable insight into the inner-workings of your sales division.

Hi-Impact Sales Group Coaching

This six-week group-coaching workshop incorporates a weekly one-hour, group call with scenario-based learning, drilling exercises, and membership to the exclusive 360 Sales Consulting private forum.

One-on-One Sales Coaching

This is an accelerated way to meet your goals through monthly conversations, live drilling, e-learning modules, and other tools.

Building Audiences with Reader Magnets

By: Benjamin Brown

It is time to transform your sales process.
Learn and follow the 10 step process in this book and put an end to your sales frustrations.
Increase your sales. Build customer loyalty.
Have effective and efficient sales conversations. Enjoy selling.

Overcome your challenges, change your sales mindset and

start making more money! Then do it again…





Define your sales process and strategize your action




Master your sales mindset and be confident in your abilities


Make sure your environment is conducive to success




Clarify your direction and create a roadmap to your goals




Improve your skills by employing best tools and practices



Gain control of your sales today with 1 phone call.

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