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Helping to find all the positives in life gives me the ability to help customers get more out of life

Many companies focus on marketing but leave the most important part of the business out. That is sales! We have a 10 step sales process that can help anyone understand the simple law of properly selling a customer your product. We specializes in sales training and coaching for small business and entrepreneurs who need help with their sales process. We have a proven method of the sales process and also can analysis current method to see where improvements need to be added.

  • Passionate about helping people with sales
  • Independent Trainer & Speaker specializing in sales coaching
  • I lived and worked in sales management in Atlanta, North Carolina and California prior to settling in Florida.
  • I am a six-year Veteran of the United States Marine Corps


As an event planner, podcaster, radio show host or digital marketer you have the perfect platform to teach people about the power of selling. Ben is available for interview opportunities and hosts a growing a list of over 10k professionals and business owners that are selling every day. 

Media Appearances Information

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You find my bio below along with my photo, links and some common interview questions.

About Benjamin Brown

Benjamin Brown is a father of two young children and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. He has over 23 years of experience in the sales field from multiple positions from sale reps to sales management.

A Best Selling Author, Ben’s book, Master the Art of Closing the Sale: The Game-Changing 10-Step Sales Process for Getting More Clients and Referrals. His popular sales blog, now at 360salesconsulting.com, focuses on giving great tips and advice for sales people world wide.

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Past Appearances

All the amazing people that I had the pleasure of doing interviews with.

Conscious Millionaire Podcast with J V Crum III : Discussing Entrepreneurs and Sales
Click to listen now: http://bit.ly/1AJlIhF
The Sales Whisperer Podcast
Interview on Youtube with Eric Smith
Sales Babble Podcast
Home Travel Agent Podcast

Sales Expert Benjamin Brown Reveals His Sales System
From: Crazy-Cheap Marketing


Information for Interviewers

How to address me during the interview

You can address me as Ben.

A little more about my work

I am a sales expert, author, and a father of two young children. I worked in sales for over 23 years and currently work with small businesses with sales issues and low sales.  I use my vast knowledge I have acquired over two decades to create a proven and tested sales process that can be implemented and adjusted for almost any product or service. When sales is done right, it is a pleasing process!

Here’s my story

I always share my story of how I got into teaching sales. It comes from when I was in BNI (Business Network International). I determined, through speaking with other business owners, that many small businesses don’t have a proven sales process. Many small businesses don’t think that being trained in sales is important until it starts to affect the bottom line. Even with a four-year degree many business individuals are never exposed or trained in sales. Sales are the base of any business and by learning the skill and implementing a sales process an owner can increase revenue and become more successful.

Here are 5-7 questions you can ask me about during the interview

  • Why are sales so important?
  • What are most businesses missing when it comes to sales?
  • What sales steps are most important?
  • What are the benefits of having a sales process?
  • Why do some business people fear sales?
  • Why there is no such word salesy

Some of the biggest challenges or obstacles in this work

I think one of the biggest challenges is that there’s so much fear and lack of knowledge surrounding sales. My job is to work with businesses to learn the important skill of sales and by learning they can benefit their companies’ bottom line.

I’d like to share my book & some free gifts at the end of the interview

My book is Master the Art of Closing the Sale which is available at Amazon.com and all major online booksellers around the world. The book will help anyone in business learn the basic steps of selling. They can learn more about the book at http://a.co/bOXpmMp.

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