Appointment Setting Course

An appointment setter is the heartbeat of the sales team and can occupy the sales representative position. You can train as an appointment setter or delegate this course to one or more members of your sales team. As an appointment setter, you will take steps to set sales appointments between potential clients and the company you are working for. 360 Sales Consulting provides the best training for people who want to be appointment setters.

Course Requirements

This course is open to anyone with a qualification as a sales representative or any other business-related course. However, you will have to approach this course with an open mind and be willing to learn.

The course includes written assignments, video, and audio recordings of various call scenarios.

We provide group training, online courses, corporate training, and one-on-one sessions. Our course can help boost your revenue by up to 30% in the first month.

Course Description

There’s no way you can close a sales deal without an appointment. We’ve designed our appointment-setting course to yield more appointments. In the appointment stage, you convince the potential customer that your product or service is worth trying.

The course will empower you to cold call your prospects, whether they are executives, business owners, or individuals you want to sell your service or product to. The course will also help you improve your sales process, generate revenue, and cut sales-associated costs. You will learn things like:


Pre-call planning

  • Preparations for pre-calls
  • Getting the right mindset for the task ahead
  • Make calls to leads and conduct prospect research
  • How to approach your calls and plan them
  • Developing your call script and framework

Selling Appointments

  • Transitioning from secretaries and gatekeepers to decision-makers
  • Listening and questioning skills
  • Qualifying decision-makers
  • Listening for hooks
  • Seeking appointments and not the service or product
  • Responding to questions


Opening Calls

  • Open your calls in a way that brings results.
  • Identifying the gatekeeper or secretary screen
  • Techniques needed to get through investigative screens and blind screens

Appointment confirmation

  • Understand that missed appointments have associated costs.
  • The right way to confirm appointments
  • (C.E.M.E.N.T model)
  • How to react upon receiving a phone call
  • What is to be done before the meeting to confirm appointments?

Why Is an Appointment Setting Course Necessary?

Whether you are running your own business or you hold a sales position in a company, you must set sales goals you want to hit to keep the business afloat. But you can never succeed in doing this without generating sales appointments. This course will address issues like:

  • How to get past the gatekeepers and secretaries
  • The importance of cold calls and how to make them
  • Why does email no longer work for sales generation?
  • Why are your voicemails ignored?
  • What should you say to persuade your prospect to schedule an appointment with you?
  • How to make your sales call better than those of your competitors

Who Should Take the Appointment Setting Course?

The appointment-setting course is for:

  • Call center staffers who want better returns on calls that go through
  • Businesspersons who wish togenerate more qualified leads
  • Sales managers who want their sales teams to get more appointments
  • Sales professionals seeking to up their game on cold calling

If you feel this course is right for you or your sales team, contact us for more information.