Sales training in Charleston

If you own a Charleston business and want to improve your sales and, subsequently, your bottom line, consider seeking sales training from 360 Sales Consultation. We are a sales consultation company with 20 years of experience. Sales is an essential aspect of any business because it determines the sales volume and revenue that the business will make. It is critical to the very survival of a business. We understand this and commit ourselves to helping individuals, small businesses, and corporates improve their sales performance.
Benjamin Brown has sold various products, from gym memberships to software and cars. He will use his knowledge and experience to help you become a better salesperson. His course focuses on developing a more effective sales process and increasing your closings. When Benjamin was selling products and services for various companies, he realized that most salespeople don’t have a sales process. He created a sales process through trial and error methods and is willing to share it with you so you can improve your sales and gain financial freedom.

What will you learn in our course?

When you undergo his sales training in Charleston, you will learn the following:
• How to get prepared for a sales meeting
• How to research a potential customer and relate with them
• How to qualify a prospective customer
• How to set up the offer
• How to request referrals and testimonials
• How to make presentations
• How to improve your negotiation skills
• The kinds of questions to ask potential clients
• How to market to new customers
Most businesses set aside money for marketing, but they forget about sales. We believe that companies should not overlook this vital activity in a business and should even go the extra mile to train their employees. Hire us today for exceptional and reliable sales training services in Charleston. We are experienced in teaching groups, so we will be delighted to train your marketing team to boost their closing rates. We will also teach them their role as salespersons and how to listen to customers effectively.


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