Sales Training in Charlotte

Sales training is a great way to spend your business expenditure because it will equip you or your employees to be better salespeople. The secret to having a strong sales team is imparting the right knowledge. Nobody knows this better than Benjamin Brown, the owner and business coach at 360 Sales Consulting. He has been in the sales business for two decades. Mr. Brown is also a veteran and has a passion for helping people. He has been helping businesses improve their marketing strategies and consequently increase their profits in Charlotte.
At 360 Sales Consulting, we use tried and tested methods to help businesses increase sales. We teach them through our course and impart them with helpful knowledge about sales. Our motto is that a business should have a sales process to ensure it reaches its goals.

Important skills salespersons should learn

Skills employees can learn these skills when they undergo our sales training;
• Preparation and research
• People skills such as negotiation, empathy, and communication
• Business and sales etiquette
• Body language
• Addressing complaints and concerns
• Handling rejection
• Networking
• Qualifying potential customers
• Developing confidence as a salesperson
• Creating a successful sales process
• Tackling price and decision-oriented topics
• Understanding non-verbal cues
• Establishing the prospect’s needs and pain points
At 360 Sales Consulting, we know how important sales are to a business. We will help you save your business from financial ruin by teaching you effective sales strategies. Benjamin Brown is a successful sales coach willing to walk with you and teach you sales techniques that helped him close numerous sales in different industries. He can train you to sell regardless of your service or product.
Sales training is a worthy investment that you should take advantage of and watch as your business grows. We will teach your team how to sell effectively, which will help them become more confident and have a better attitude toward their work. We will also train them to make wise decisions and meet customers’ needs. Contact us today for affordable and effective sales training in Charlotte.

Our Services

• Appointment Setting
• Closing Sales Training
 Insurance Sales Training
 Lawn Maintenance Sales Training
 Payroll and 401k Sales Training
 Pest Control Sales Training
 Roofing Contractors Sales Training
 Sales Presentation
• Solar Panel Sales