Closing Sales Course

Closing a deal is a skill you must learn to boost your revenue. Closing conversations with prospects are nerve-wracking because you must use the correct technique and choose the right words; otherwise, the prospective buyer will walk away or cut the call. But you need not worry. At 360 Sales Consulting, we have created a course to help salespeople to close sales faster and with a higher success rate.

This course teaches you how to deal with objections at the tail end of a sales process. You will also learn to set your expectations with the potential customer before you make the closing call. Not only that. This course will also help you ask the right questions and provide the best answers to the prospect’s questions.


Course Description

Closing sales is a challenging endeavor, even during the peak seasons. There’s always a possibility of losing a prospect to your competition. Sometimes, you may disagree on the prices, or the client may postpone the deal as they shop around for “better” deals. No matter how much a prospect is impressed with your sales presentation, you can’t be 100% sure they won’t back out.

To prevent this, we have designed the course to help you close deals faster. From our experience, we’ve developed effective techniques and will teach you the right words to use when you’ve reached the closing conversation.

Our course teaches how to investigate your prospects’ offerings and set your expectations before you set out to meet them or make a closing call. You will learn the importance of pitching the solution rather than the product and how to deal with all objections.

The course will help you to:


Establish trust

You will learn how effective communication and negotiation can help you connect naturally with your prospects and force them to make immediate decisions.

Elevate value

By creating and communicating your product’s intrinsic value, you will ensure your interactions with prospects lead to positive experiences while presenting your business as a resource rather than a commodity.


Sell Value

You will learn how to outsmart your competition through communication, positioning, and identifying your product’s intrinsic value to move your prospects into taking action.

Enhance Belief

Understand that missed appointments have associated costs.

  • The right way to confirm appointments
  • (C.E.M.E.N.T model)
  • How to react upon receiving a phone call
  • What is to be done before the meeting to confirm appointments?

Sell results

Clients are interested in results and not so much in functions and features. The course will help you learn how to sell results to get your prospects emotionally attached to your product.

Your closing conversation will be much easier when you achieve the above milestones. The course will teach you negotiation skills to reduce the chances of price disagreements.

Why choose 360 Sales Consulting?

With several years of experience, you can trust 360 Sales Consulting with all your training needs. We tailor our courses to meet the current industry needs. Above all, we provide certification that can boost your resume.

 We aim to make you work smarter, not more complicated, when you want to close sales. Whether you want online, one-on-one, or corporate training, we’ve got you covered. Contact us right away to get the ball rolling.