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Are You Frustrated with Your Sales?


How many times have you thought you had a sale closed, only to have a prospect tell you they need “to think it over” ?  

How many times have you offered a solution to a client who was not the real decision maker and didn’t have purchasing power?   That sure was a waste of time.

Ben Brown knows what you are going through.  He will give you an objective fresh perspective on why your sales are off.  He will point things out to you and show you how to avoid these and many other selling pitfalls. 

Here’s what 360 Sales Group Coaching includes:


    Virtual 1-hour group coaching call per week for eight weeks

    Virtual 1-hour one-on-one call

    Personalized Selling Gap Assessment

    Customized Sales Action Plan

    Membership to 360 SalesMaster Facebook group

    Eight Week Access to 360 Sales Online Courses

    Attend from home or On-the-Go. Convenient and safe!

    Do you want to know how Ben can help you?

    Check out this video and learn about Ben’s strategy.

    Ben will unlock your sales potential and help you get to the next level.

    Not sure what you want to do?  Give Ben a call.

    Give your Sales a Boost ! Join our virtual group coaching with Benjamin Brown

    Virtual 1-hour group coaching call per week for eight weeks

    Ignite your sales with eight, 1-hour group training sessions, scenario-based drilling exercises, and role playing with your new sales process. Receive laser focused feedback to help you correct your mistakes, sharpen your skills and grow your confidence.

    Virtual 1-hour one-on-one call

    Launch your group coaching with a 1-on-1 coaching call with Ben Brown.

    Selling Skills Gap Assessment

    Identify and map your sales skills competencies at each step in the sales process.

    • Getting prepared
    • Prospecting & Approaching
    • Presenting & Soft Closing
    • Overcoming Objections

    Customized Sales Action Plan

    Create a sales strategy and identify your customers buying triggers and link to your service or product benefits.

    Membership to 360 SalesMaster Facebook group

    Get the perspective and wisdom of others in the SalesMaster group. Members share resources, stories, experiences, challenges and breakthroughs.

    Eight Week Access to 360 Sales Online Courses

    24/7 access to 360’s  eLearning Courses, sales process guide and resource tools. Work at your pace and on your own schedule. You’ll study a new lesson each week during your 8 Week Group Coaching program.

    The eLearning Courses are based on Benjamin Brown’s best-selling book, “Master the Art of Closing the Sale”.  Topics include Identifying your Ideal Client,  How to Quickly Qualify Buyers by asking the right questions. How to Control the conversation and guide customers to the CLOSE!

    Are you ready to ignite your sales ?

    A 360 degree look into every aspect of the sales cycle. Our number one goal is to enable you to improve your sales process and sales performance. 



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