Lawn Maintenance Sales Training

It’s common knowledge that your lawn maintenance sales team is the heart of your business. Their performance can affect your business negatively or positively. If they lack the right sales and interpersonal skills, they will never make any headway, and no matter how you support them, your business will stagnate or fail. The good news is that you can remedy the situation before it’s too late.

 360 Sales Consulting offers lawn maintenance sales training for individuals or companies that feel their sales are dwindling. Our training will ensure that you or your sales team constantly get positive results and do not repeat the same bad habits and methodologies that led to the wrong results. Let’s show you how to make things better. Just one call can turn things around in your business.

Is this course for you?

If you are working in the sales team of a lawn maintenance company or are the owner of such a company, this course is for you. The course is essential if you face the following problems:

  • Customers frequently tell you your charges are too high, and you are tired of being floored by low-bidders.
  • You struggle with sales and feel overwhelmed and fed up with scrambling to find things for your sales team to do.
  • You struggle to get good salespeople or have never found even one.
  • The salespeople you have aren’t doing well, and you feel lost. Sometimes you have to step in to help them make sales.
  • You aren’t making any profits that can make you proud of your business. You aren’t sure about the future of your business.
  • Your competitors are winning contracts and reasonable prices, and you keep wondering what’s wrong with you. 

 If you face the above problems, the sooner you take action, the better. Our sales training will convert your sales reps into machines that will help improve your revenue by over 30% within the first year.

    About our lawn maintenance sales training

    We have designed our lawn maintenance sales course to cater to the needs of everyone in the landscape industry. The course creator, Benjamin Brown, has over 20 years of experience in sales.

    This course aims to boost your overall sales by providing your sales team with professional skills to sell lawn maintenance services.

    The course will help you develop the right mindset, find leads, pitch, and close deals. You will also learn how to upsell and retain customers. We will also teach you negotiation skills, so you don’t lose potential customers because of price disagreements. Additionally, you will learn listening skills, presentation skills, and customer empathy. If anything, your business exists to solve your client’s problems and take the weight of lawn maintenance off their shoulders.

    Why choose us?

    We have a track record of producing the best sales reps. We have worked with many individuals and companies, and our results speak for themselves. We understand your business needs and will go over and above to help you achieve your goals. Our training is very flexible. You can take the course online, join a small group, or opt for corporate training. Call us to learn more about this course.