When working in sales, there are certain rules that every great salesperson lives by. Whether you are a full-time sales person at a fortune 500 company or you own Cupcake Company. Every sale has steps and if you miss the steps you will likely lose the sale or just waste your time. This is why qualification is so important.

Here are 5 quick reason why qualification helps.

  1. Saves time – How many times have you spent hours with a potential customer only to find out that in the end, they are not the decision maker? Or more important, they don’t have the budget for your product. How much time did you waste? You could have spent that time with someone who had the budget and could make a decision. It all comes down to being more prepared.
  2. Know your customer – If you know how to qualify properly then you know exactly what a potential client look likes and sounds like. You can identify their pain points or what they are looking for so you can better service them with your product or service. You become more excited because you know you can help.
  3. Marketing – Yes Marking!! If you know how to qualify and exactly what potential customers you are looking for will benefit from your marketing and your advertisement. You message will be more clear about who you can help and how you can service their wants and needs.
  4. Problem Solving – Salespeople are also in the business of solving problems for potential clients. Being able to listen to their issues is important. You also must notice “False Problems”. This mean someone has the issue but they don’t want the problem solved. You will be amazed if you just ask, “ but I know exactly how I can help you”, now do you want me to solve it?” Sometimes people just say “no I just want you to listen.” They don’t want it solved. It is amazing just by asking, a small percentage of the time you will find that they don’t even want the problem solved. By qualifying the potential client you can find in the beginning.
  5. Bad Money – I love this one. Bad money is the customer who is a pain in the neck. The one who calls all the time or complains. They haggle you and ask for the world and look for discounts all the time. Some customer is not worth the sale. That is why it is sometimes better to price yourself out this group. Raising your prices will attract customers who appreciate you and your products. Bad money is customers who waste your time after the sale and never fully appreciates your service.


For many salespeople, who do use or work on their qualification skills, they are using their time wisely. You can only get to so many customers in a day. So, in the beginning of the sale, if you can learn to separate those whom you like to work with, qualification skills will make you more efficient and profitable.


Learn to qualify now to help you become a better, more successful sales-person.

Benjamin Brown

Mr. Brown is the author of best selling-book “Master the Art of Closing the Sale” (go here to get your copy). He has worked with hundred of clients to help them double their sales with successful sales strategies, Go here to get free 10 step sales guide, “10 Step Sales Guide.” Feel free to send Benjamin a message here.