Sales Training for Roofing Contractors

The commercial roofing business has many opportunities because many buildings are coming up daily, and some property owners are also changing their roofs. However, this does not imply that you will easily find customers. Many roofing contractors are fighting for the available opportunities, so you must strive to stand out. The best way to do this is to get roofing contractor sales training from 360 Sales Consulting.

We understand that mastering commercial roofing sales comes with its unique challenges. One of the challenges is that roofing is a big project requiring huge investments. For this reason, property owners are very hesitant to commit, always taking time to make decisions. A drawn-out decision-making process can prevent you from getting those lucrative roofing contracts.

What’s The Way Forward ?

The best way to get a head start in roofing is to take a sales training course. The training, particularly the one offered by 360 Sales Consulting, will teach you all you need to know about the challenges in commercial roofing sales and how to surmount them.

The training will also provide valuable tips and insider know-how from experienced trainers. And after completing the training, you will get resources for ongoing training.

At 360 Sales Consulting, we offer more than just roofing sales training. We have a network of professionals and can connect you to people who matter in this industry. Applying the sales principles you’ve learned can help you get contracts quickly. Whether you are a salesperson in a construction firm or a contractor who wants a boost in revenue, we are here for you.

How Do We Help Businesses & Sales Professionals Grow ?

Our training provides insider tricks of the trade and proven and exclusive sales tips that are realistic and actionable. People we have trained have witnessed incredible transformations in their workplaces or roofing companies. Some of the contractors we’ve trained have boosted their revenue streams by six figures in the second year after the training. You can expect the following from our training:

  • Understanding of how to outperform more seasoned roofing contractors despite your lack of expertise

  • The tools and equipment required for the most significant outcomes

  • A proven strategy for your business development that guarantees success

  • Insider marketing advice from seasoned business professionals with extensive experience

  • A thorough breakdown of everything you’ll need for success, including marketing, expert imaging, payment schedule, sales call strategies, and more.

  • Examples of professional proposals that can genuinely impress potential clients

  • Real-world examples of these ideas in action, along with reasons why they work 

After you complete your training, we won’t leave you alone. We have a lifetime support program, and you will have ongoing access to our pool of roofing experts, who will continue guiding you.

Why Choose Us ?

We focus on what delivers sales. We will train you to sell benefits, not features. Most clients are more interested in knowing how they will benefit from the roofs you install than their features.

We will teach you how to use visuals during sales presentations to create more impact. Visual aids eliminate confusion and help build trust with clients. If you are a player in the roofing industry, call us today to learn more about our offer.