Sales Presentation Course 

If you want to hone your sales presentation skills, there’s no better way than enrolling in a sales presentation course. Unfortunately, many institutions and individuals who claim to offer this course never deliver. Don’t look further than 360 Sales Consulting for professional sales presentation training. Enrolling in sales presentation training is the most important decision whether you take it as an individual or enroll your sales reps in training. 

Through this course, you will learn powerful modern selling strategies and practical communication skills to help achieve a conversion. 

Who is the Sales Presentation Course For ? 

Everyone in the business world needs some sales skills. This course is suitable for the following: 

  • Executives

  • Product developers

  • Business professionals

  • CEOs and founders

  • VPs and directors

  • Human resource managers

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Business leaders

  • Account executives

  • Sales executives

  • Product manages

  • Sales reps

  • Anyone who sells services or products


What Makes 360 Sales Consulting Unique ? 

If you have been in business longer, you must have enrolled in many sales training programs with no tangible results to show. At 360 Sales Consulting, we focus on delivering a sales presentation course that incorporates new skills and advanced techniques. During the training, you will learn public speaking skills you can use in different situations. 

We have delivered sales training to individuals and corporations for many years. We customize our training to address individual companies’ services or products. We can arrange for one-on-one training if you feel this is what will work best for you. 

How Will You Benefit From Our Sales Presentation Course ? 

We offer high-impact sales presentation training guaranteed to deliver results for your business. Through this training, your sales reps will be able to: 

  • Make the right decisions based on customer feedback.

  • Make quick adjustments during a presentation and provide the information customers need to decide.

  • Make their presentations more persuasive by delivering a message that touches on the audience’s pain points.

  • Convince the prospects that the products or services can solve their problems. 

The key areas our course covers include:

Presentation skills

You or your sales reps will learn how to prepare and deliver sales pitches effectively, no matter the type of presentation: internal, capabilities discussion, final presentations, informal, or formal presentations.

Customer engagement

You will learn how to involve your audience and receive immediate feedback actively. After the presentation, you should expect the audience to ask a few questions and agree on an appointment.

Delivery Skills

Poor delivery will not convert your audience into paying customers, no matter how good your content is. Our course will teach you the delivery skills to make an impact, including your positioning, presentation strategy, and differentiation.

What you’ll learn ?

  • How to be 100% sure your audience craves everything you want to say

  • Practical content creation methods to ensure your presentation hooks the audience

  • Hands-on sales strategies to ensure your audience follows what you say to the end

  • Coordination of what the audience sees and what you say

  • How to captivate your audience with your presentation

  • How to persuade a customer to accept a deal

The creator of this course, Benjamin Brown, has over two decades of experience in sales and marketing, from medical devices to gym memberships and from car sales to cold calling. He’s also a published author, so you can rest assured the course will help you overcome objections and stay on track in your sales process. Call us now for more information about this course.