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Master The Art of Closing The Sale

Master The Art Of Closing The Sale

By: Benjamin Brown

It is time to transform your sales process.

Learn and follow the 10 step process in this book and put an end to your sales frustrations.

Increase your sales. Build customer loyalty.

Have effective and efficient sales conversations. Enjoy selling.

Are You Selling or Telling?

Ben walks you through his award winning sales process in 10 easy to follow steps.
The goal is to end these common frustrations that so many businesses face:

Not Having A Plan

“Most sales are won or lost in the planning stage.” If you do not have a roadmap from beginning to close you will never make it there.

Marketing or Sales?

You’re taking calls when they come in, but not actively seeking the right people to talk to.

Not Enough Referrals

A loyal customer base is not growing because you don’t know how or don’t want to ask for the referral correctly.

Sales Calls Are Too Salesy

Skipping steps in your current sales process in order to close deals faster but then find that your plan backfires?


It Takes Too Long to Get a New Sale

Sales is taking more time than budgeted because the return isn’t enough. You are spinning your wheels and getting nowhere.

I Know They Need Me, Why Don't They?

Do you know what problems you solve? If so, can you convey your skills?

“This is a great book teaching the basics of how to work through a sale from a prospect to a happy, closed deal. The steps are all logical and make sense, and if you follow them you’ll be successful. The key is to engage in directed communication, and to learn, as quickly as possible, if the client is likely to make a purchase or not. I have found the most useful value is not just learning to make a sale, but knowing when a sale isn’t going to happen. This saves limited and valuable time, so one can focus on more likely sales cycles.”

Richard G. Lowe Jr.

Amazon Review

“When Sales is Done Right, It’s A Beautiful Thing”

There are four types of sales people in the United States who have an impressive success rate:

The Child: Children spend their lives constantly closing. “Give me this, I want that, give me money”.

The Preacher: They sell you on their values, morals, and ideas in a traditional sales style. (proof they are fantastic closers: everyone brings money to church)

QVC/Home Shopping Network: They thrive because they Know the Customer better than anyone else in the world. They know that small appliances sell better at 4pm and red dresses sell 4x more than blue ones.

Homeless People: They only survive because they must be hyper-focused to get what they need, while the rest of us are trying to juggle over-scheduled lives

Being proficient at even one of these sales styles puts you 60% ahead of the norm

When you master all 4, you will be DANGEROUS in sales.


Are You Ready to Master the Art of Sales?

Benjamin Brown

Author, Speaker, Coach

Benjamin Brown is CEO of 360 Sales Consulting, a company specializing helping businesses and entrepreneurs excel in sales and dramatically increase their bottom line. Their proprietary sales system has been come recognized as “game-changer” and is in demand by companies of all sizes throughout the United States. Ben’s sales career of more than twenty years began with selling health club memberships and quickly worked his way into sales manager and sales director positions. Having held both inside and outside sales positions his diverse experience includes selling autos, computer products and services, voice recognition software, staffing services, and transportation services. Ben is a former United States Marine with six years of service and a veteran of the Gulf War.