Our sales coaching is tailored to you – both the content and the schedule. It starts with a special, “Sky-Rocket Your Sales” personal, one-on- coaching phone call (Value $250) to assess your individual needs. We will then recommend a coaching package and then YOU decide which coaching package is best for you. You can select from three popular 360 Sales Consulting coaching packages or design a package that is completely customized for you.

One-on-One Sales Coaching

Our One-on-One sales coaching will meet your goals AND can be completed in a short amount of time. As a sales professional or sales manager, we know how busy you are. 360 Sales Consulting coaching packages offer you an accelerated way to meet the desired goals of your sales coaching.

How it works?  We integrate our coaching program with 1-on-1 coaching conversations twice a month, with live drilling, eLearning modules, online self-assessment, and other sales tools.

Hi-Impact Sales Group Coaching

Our High Impact Sales Coaching is a highly interactive 6-week workshop.

How do we do it?  Our group coaching program incorporates a 1-hour one-on-one call with scenario-based e-learning, drilling exercises, role playing and membership to our private Facebook group. Our group coaching program is based on Mr. Brown’s  best-selling book, Master the Art of Closing the Sale, which includes continuous assessment, customization, with reinforcement that will unlock your full potential and improve your sales results.

Professional Sales Advisor

Many small-business owners lack sales experience and don’t have a sales process.  They spend too much time trying to build a sales team leaving little time to focus on other aspects of running their business. If this is you, then you  need to hire Mr. Ben Brown.

How does it work?  We perform analysis on your sales process, people and numbers that will give you valuable insight into the inner-workings of your sales division. You can use your analysis to make informed decisions about whether you need to create a new sales process, develop a new sales script, change your CRM, re-train your salespeople, or raise or lower prices on your products.

Unlike other sales advisors that consider the job done after they make their recommendations, Mr. Ben Brown turns his recommendations into reality with hands-on assistance.

  • Create your company sales plan
  • Develop your proprietary sales process
  • Review and make recommendations on your internet branding and visibility
  • Consult on specific sales techniques
  • Identify your Ideal Client targets
  • Prepare account plans and rehearse client calls