If you have the 4 Best Traits to have for Success and maintain the disciple to keep them then success is not far away. In real life, everyone has some type of dream that they would like to come true, but very few attempt and achieve it due to their traits. Some people seem naturally successful and the envy of others that just don’t seem to have the get-up and go that they do. Rather than focussing on what others have, it’s time to get up and look at how you can achieve your own goals. To do that you need to first look at the traits that equal a successful person so that you can adopt them for yourself and aim higher than you ever thought possible. The traits are broken down into 4 that work extremely well together just like any recipe and they are as follows:


Before you can succeed at your goals you first need to have vision. Think about what you want and decide whether your visions are too small. In order to get glory from any achievements, you need to first work at it. You have to aim as high as you can. Think about your future goals and set them as high as possible. Just think if you were to start running, you might aim to run a mile. Why not instead aim to run a marathon. It won’t be achievable right away but through keeping your vision in sight you can achieve anything you want.


Your big vision should be separated into goals that are time sensitive. Aim for around three a year or month depending on how big or small they are. Make sure that you track your journey to reach your goals and by setting smaller ones you have little victories to celebrate on the way to your final target.

Set times

Having goals in sight is something most people have, however in order to achieve them you also need to set a certain amount of time per day or week to work on getting closer to them. Remember that anything that’s worth having takes work from relationships to bigger goals such as starting a business.  Don’t let your dreams stay at the point of just being something you want to achieve one day, be proactive and work towards your goals by having a specific time that you know you can stick to in order to make your dreams a reality.


As well as having set amounts of time to work on your goals you need to form a habit that means your success is going to be longer lived than a New Year’s resolution that doesn’t even get you through to January. To be successful you have to be motivated and stay motivated. Don’t make excuses for your downfalls, instead make it your goal to learn from mistakes and work harder at your goals no matter how much it takes. Don’t let anything get in the way of your end goal and visions. It’s routine and habits forming that makes successful people who they are. Whether you are male, female, short, tall, white, black, disabled or fit in any other category nothing has to be an obstacle that you can’t find a workaround for.


Benjamin Brown
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