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One-on-One Sales Coaching

Hi this is Ben Brown. I’m sharing everything I learned in my 20 year journey in sales.

I learned a lot and so will you.

Do You Want to Increase Your Sales?


How many times have you thought you had a sale closed, only to have a prospect back out at the last minute?

How many times have you offered a solution to a client who didn’t recognize they actually had the problem that you are trying to fix?

An objective third-party, a coach, a mentor will give you a fresh perspective on why your sales are off. Ben will point things out to you and show you how to avoid these and many other selling pitfalls.

Our 360 Rapid Success Process, 1 on 1 coaching plan includes:


    Virtual One-Hour : 1-on-1 Sessions

    Selling Skills Gap Assessment

    Customized Sales Action Plan

    Access to 360 Sales Online Resources

    Do you want to know how Ben can help you?

    Check out this video and learn about Ben’s strategy.

    Ben will unlock your sales potential and help you get to the next level.

    Not sure what you want to do? 

    Get One-on-One Training with Benjamin Brown

    Virtual 1-on-1 Sessions

    Focused concentrated 1-hour training sessions. Role playing with your new sales process. Getting honest feedback to help you hone your sales skills so you can become a confident and fierce sales professional.

    Selling Skills Gap Assessment

    Identify and map your sales skills competencies at each step in the sales process.

    • Getting prepared
    • Prospecting & Approaching
    • Presenting & Soft Closing
    • Overcoming Objections

    Customized Sales Action Plan

    Create a sales strategy that works for you and your product or service.  Analyze your customer’s demographics and buying triggers and link your service/product to your customer’s needs.

    Access to 360 Sales Online Resources

    24/7 access to Rapid Success Selling online courseware and sales process guide and sales resource tools and templates.

    A 360 degree look into every aspect of the sales cycle. Our number one goal is to enable you to improve your sales process and sales performance. 

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